GULF GRATING, a leading specialty door manufacturer with over 18 years of experience, the company continues to manufacture a variety of Fire Rated doors, Blast Proof Doors, Bullet Proof Doors, Fire Rated Windows, Wooden Fire Rated Doors, Aluminium Doors, and Rolling shutters to suit specific industrial, commercial and residential needs. Through infrastructure ramp-up, technology up-gradation, and by joining hands with the world’s leading companies in this field, we have expanded and diversified to become a trusted name in door manufacturing.

  • We offer a complete package from design, manufacturing and installation to maintenance and service that meet and exceed customer expectations. The versatile product range of the company includes:
  • Blast Resistant Steel Door Sets
  • Bullet Resistant Steel Door Sets
  • Automated Sliding & Bi-folding Steel Door Sets
  • Fire Rated Steel Door Sets
  • Acoustic Steel Door Sets
  • Detention Steel Door Sets
  • Lead Lined Steel Door Sets


Blast Resistant Steel Door Sets

We have the full engineering capability to design and manufacture blast-proof products that meet international standards of blast pressure safety. Testing of units is done by specialist laboratories that comply with the latest standards.

  • Low range units
    0.5 PSI (3 kn/ m²) to 2 PSI (14/kn/m²)
  • Mid range units
    3 PSI (21 kn/m²) to 8 PSI (55 kn/m²)
  • High range units
    9 PSI (62 kn/m²) to 50 PSI (345 kn/m²)
  • Very high range units
    Custom designed to suit any requirement
Acoustic Steel Door Sets
  • Steel Doors
    Available in thickness 45mm from STC 33 to STC 53 and greater thickness, STC 54 to STC 64
  • Fire Labeled Products
    Tested in accordance with NFPA-80 and certified by Warnock Hersey International

Fire Rated & Non-Fire Rated Doors

We manufacture standard non rated and fire rated doors utilizing various cores   certified to match different standards and specific requirements.  These doors are certified to BS-EN Standard and North American Standards- UL10C and UL10B.
Our metal doors and frames are manufactured in accordance with requirements set-out in project specifications, highlighting limitations that may be imposed by our certification criteria, we use ASTM certified pre-galvanized metal from 0.8 to 3mm.
Door Cores

We strategically select cores manufactured by world-renowned and trusted names such as Honey Comb, Honey Cell USA, Rockwool from Fujairah Rockwool Company to achieve various fire ratings, specifications and project requirements.

Assembly Methods

We provide our frames knock down for assembly on-site or fully welded dressed and finished. Our doors are manufactured both with and without seam in a cleated connection system.

Fire Door Testing
Substation Doors

Metal Doors & Frames


Our high quality doors are primed or painted with 3-coat anti-corrosive systems, PU or oven baked. We also render specialty finish with powder coating.

Optional Requirements

Our metal door products are opted by customers for:

  • Lites & Vision Panels – up to full lite
  • Grilles & Louvers
  • Acoustic Tested to achieve up to STC 65
  • Smoke Control
  • BS EN 1634-1:2008
  • High Security – integral access control systems
Types of Infill

The Fire Rating property of Steel Doors are classified based on the infill stuffed in the door leaf

  • There are two commonly used types of Infill
    1. Honey comb
    2. Rock Wool
  • Fire Rated Steel Doors have Huge Range of Application some of them are
    1. Hotels
    2. Hospitals
    3. Airport
    4. Malls
    5. Schools & Colleges
    6. Residential and Commercial Building
    7. Grid Stations & Sub stations
    8. Warehouse stations
    9. Power Plants
Door Design
Fire Rated Hardware

Steel Fire Rated Doors