Plastering Accessories (Expanded Metal & Mesh Products)
Plastering products mainly used for reinforcement purpose and plastering to provide better finish and strong edges which will increase the life span of civil buildings.
Products: Corner Beads, Plaster stop beads, Sheet lath, Corner lath, Rib lath, Strip lath, Coil lath, GI Lintels, Wall ties, Block Reinforcement mesh etc.

Foundation bolts
We can offer any type of custom-made Foundation bolt in Electro galvanized and Hot Dip Galvanized finishes with various sizes and types like, J Type, L Type etc.

Portacabins & Car Parking Shades
Custom-made large office building prefabricated and assembled at locations.Flat pack units in modular components for export purposes, Steel containers modified into building units, Double Storey Office buildings, Car Parks etc.

We can offer any specialised products as per your requirements for your Civil, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Airports, Dry Docks, and Desalination & Power plants etc. For more information and details contact our expert sales advisors to guide you.