About the project

We design and fabricate metal decking by cold rolling process. We offer profiles to suit your design specification, range of profiles in gauges varying from 0.7 mm to 1.2 mm.

Manufactured from steel strip to BS EN 10143 and BS EN 10147.

Metal Decking R51 Supplier in Oman

The R51 offers the greatest slab load bearing capacity in our range. In addition, the 150mm rib spacing of this profile allows the greatest number and optimum performance of shear studs to maximise the benefits of composite beam design. Using this profile slabs as thin as 100mm can be constructed, whilst still achieving a typical 1 hour fire rating.

Metal Decking TR60 Supplier in Oman

The TR60 profile gives high span capabilities at a competitive price. Due its 1.0m cover width, this profile can be installed quickly making it a popular choice for many design engineers. The typical 1 hour fire rating can be achieved with a 130mm slab.

Metal Decking TR80 Supplier in Oman

The TR80 provides the greatest spanning capabilities of our range. An excellent quality profile which is also priced competitively, the TR80 delivers strength as well as high speed of installation.The TR80 profile has a concrete volume up to 25% less than other profiles. The typical 1 hour fire rating can be achieved with a 140mm slab.