About the Project

FERROGRATE Aluminum Ladders used in a wide variety of industrial/ commercial applications where safety with low maintenance cost, long life and easier installation is essential.

Aluminum Ladders are high corrosive resistant, light weight, reliable, durable, safe and easy to install. Our Ladders are most recommended in external and internal applications such as High rise buildings, Shopping malls, Educational institutions, Hospitals, Sewage treatment plants, Chambers, Pumping stations, Power Plants, Metro stations, Tunnels, Airports and other Industries.

FERROGRATE Aluminum Ladders are manufactured with material 6060 / 6063 T6 / 6082 T6 and

Available in Mill Finish, Powder coated Finish. Our Standard Available width is 400 mm with different heights and models such as Ladder with cage, Ladder without cage and Aluminum Retractable Ladder.

Bespoke Sizes also available on special request.