Metal Hoarding Fence

FERROTECH offers a wide range of temporary fencing solutions, from security fencing for construction sites to partition fencing for outdoor events. From lightweight easily-portable fencing to stronger, sturdier fencing that can be used to protect a construction site from the elements, our fences are all manufactured to the highest standard, ensuring they can be used multiple times. Whether security is your main concern or you’re looking for crowd-control or barricade fencing then we will have the right type of fencing for you.

Metal Hoarding Fence

Our steel hoarding fences are recommended for the enclosure of construction areas, industrial areas, and roads. With strong enclosed hoarding panels, they are especially suitable for difficult conditions, such as windy construction sites, or where they need to be continually moved.

FERROHOARDS Steel hoarding provides site security and is a durable alternative to timber hoarding.

Hoarding heights (Overall) available in 2.0m and 2.4m with a width of 2.1 Sm c/c. Vertical posts & Stabiliser Posts are made out of GI Pipes. Top & Bottom frame made out of GI “C” channels of 2 mm thick with profile sheet 0.4mm, GI polyester-coated, Off white color or can be painted in your Corporate Colours (Subject to availability and quantity)


The Mobile fencing system is characterized by its high durability, corrosion resistance, and its low weight, They are the perfect option for those needing a highly-portable fencing system where there is no issue with allowing visibility of the construction site.

The basic components of the Mobile fence system are a transparent panel built from a solid steel frame that is then filled with a mesh of welded wires. The system is completed by a wide range of mounting accessories that allow installation in all-terrain conditions, as well as places where interference in the ground is not recommended or even forbidden. This is what makes them such a good option as a portable fence.

The main features of the Mobile Fences system are:

  • Lightweight design for easy assembly and storage
  • Well-selected welding parameters which guarantee durability and resistance in all kinds of weather conditions
  • A wide range of accessories which allows for installation even in very difficult terrain such as uneven and soft ground
  • Fences produced by an experienced team in accordance with applicable standards
  • Low cost of the system due to a highly-optimized production process
  • Three types of fencing allowing you to choose the most suitable panel tailored to your individual needs

Metal Hoarding Fence