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Electroforged Standard Grating Panels

GULFGRATE standard panel sizes are nominally 6 Mtr x 1 Mtr or 20ft (6 Mtr) x 3ft.

Panels available with load bearing bars of various depth 25, 30, 32, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70mm & thickness of 3, 4, 4.5, 5 & 6mm.

Panels available with cross bars of various sizes like 5.4mm, 6mm & 8mm square twisted bars or plain round bars.

Panels available with serrated & plain type top surface.

Our most common pitches are 41mm x100mm & 30mm x100mm.

We can produce panels with special pitches like 41mmx50mm, 30mmx 50mm, 33mmx 100mm, 33mmx50mm,33mmx38mm, 34mm x 100mm, 34mmx50mm,34mm x 38mm etc.

GULFGRATE standard panels available in hot dip galvanised finish or self colour finish.

Electroforged Fabricated Grating Panels

GULFGRATE offers tailor made grating panels as per fabrication drawings.

Our design office with latest cad software can design and prepare grating fabrication drawings to suit client’s requirements.

Our design software directly connected to profile cutting machines, which can produce any kind of profiles in the gratings. After required profiling, edge can be fitted with frame bars or kick (toe) plates as per the client’s requirement.

Our design team always available to suggest the required type of gratings as per your site conditions.

Manufacturing Standards: BS4592 / NAAM MBG 531 / NAAM MBG 532

Electroforged Fabricated Grating Panels Supplier Oman & Qatar
Electroforged Fabricated Grating Panels with Cutout

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