Ductile Iron / Gully Gratings

GULF GRATING, an ideal product to change the danger zone safest for everyone.
GULF GRATING offers wide range of Manhole covers with frames, Channel gratings, Kerb Gullies, Gully Gratings, Step Irons, Tree Grates etc.
Manufactured from Grey Iron (GG20, GG25) and Ductile Iron (GG50) material Grades and as per BS EN 124 and covers all application sectors.

Areas of Application: Pedestrians, Footways, Carparks, Kerbside Channels of roads, Carriageways, Docks, Airports, Drainage Trench covers in warehouses etc. Various sizes available as per request.

Specification Table
A A15 Manhole Cover and Gully Cover 300 X 300 mm

450 X 450 mm

600 X 600 mm

900 X 900 mm



B B125 Manhole Cover and Gully Cover 125KN
C C250 Manhole Cover and Gully Cover 250KN
D D400 Manhole Cover and Gully Cover 400KN
E E600 Manhole Cover and Gully Cover 600KN
F F900 Manhole Cover and Gully Cover 900KN

Tree Grating

We manufacture tree grates (tree surround, street grate, tree grille). Tree grates provide enough space for the tree while allowing free flow of traffic over the planting area. All tree grate castings are available in ASTM A48 Class 35B.


Grey Iron (GG20/GG20) and Ductile Iron (GGG 50)


Available in grate sizes from 900 mm (36”) square and round to 1500 mm (60”) square and round with “Breaks Offs” for tree growth.


Black Bitumen, Epoxy and other paint as per the RAL No provided by customers.

Ductile Iron / Gully Gratings