Aluminium Access Covers

GULF GRATING Aluminium access covers – A wider range of Customized and standard covers most recommended for internal and external applications in High rise buildings, Shopping malls, Educational institutions, Hospitals, Sewage treatment plants, Pumping stations, Power Plants, Metro stations, Tunnels, Airports and other Industries.

GULF GRATING access covers are light weight and manufactured with material 6060 / 6063 T6 / 6082 T6.

GULF GRATING covers are available in Solid top covers & recessed type covers. Our solid top covers can be used in manholes, trenches as well as larger openings. GULF GRATING offer complete solutions for your openings like frame, covers and intermediate supports. GULF GRATING aluminium trench covers normally designed for 150 mm, 300mm, 450mm & 600mm widths.

GULF GRATING Solid Top Covers: Available in Conquered top, Plain top, slotted type & Gripped top. All covers are available in Single, double or in multi parts to suite your projects.

GULF GRATING Recessed covers available in single recessed & double recessed type

Aluminium Access Covers